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Building & Buying & Renting, Oh My!

Thinking about your return to the show floor, but not sure where to start? Deciding whether to rent or invest in a exhibit? Here are some things to consider when making your decision...

A common rule of thumb in the exhibit industry is that if you plan on using an exhibit more than three times, it's typically more cost effective to purchase the properties versus continuing to rent. This is usually a good rule to follow, but it is definitely not a rule that applies to every situation.

Custom fabrication offer a lot of unique qualities that a pre-fabricated exhibit might not provide. Custom designs are built specifically for exhibitors and offer a one of a kind exhibit experience. Hard wall, laminated panels allow for heavier 3D signage and shelving to be mounted on the walls. Custom fabrication also allows for details you won't see on pre-fabricated systems, such as: internal edge lighting and recessed displays. These customizations come with a cost though. Custom fabrication makes most sense when a brand has multiple shows a year and they are exhibiting within a similar space size at each event. Vinyl graphics can be changed from show to show depending on what your brand plans on showcasing at each event.

Custom booths can be built with modularity in mind, but if a brand's booth space fluctuates greatly from one event to the next - it may make more sense to explore the world of portable-modular exhibits.

When people hear "pre-fabricated frames and fabric graphics", they often think that the booth won't look as "high-end" as a custom fabricated booth. That is not always the case! The booth shown above is made up primarily from tube-aluminum frames and fabric graphics. The trick to having a truly impactful booth, is QUALITY GRAPHICS. We cannot stress the importance of high quality artwork and graphics! Without eye-catching graphics, your booth is just a structure. Make your structure shine with attention grabbing and bold graphic imagery!

"When should I consider renting a booth?"

Many rental options are made up from modular systems built with aluminum extrusion frames that can be reconfigured in many set-ups and skinned with fabric graphics or printed panels. Rental options are great to rely on for international exhibiting, when you plan on only exhibiting one or two times within that year and you know you want something different for the following year, or when you have a small budget but want to make a big impression! At some point, it does make more financial sense to invest in a booth versus continuing to rent. On the flip side of booth components, it always makes more sense to rent LED panel walls and A/V equipment as these items are very costly and the technology changes and advances so quickly year over year.


We know that navigating the world of exhibits can be confusing and it is not a decision to take lightly. Your trade show booth is a representation of your brand. Good Time Creative can bring your booth to life through creative design, custom & pre-fabricated production, and rental options. We'll help your brand increase engagement with clients while also protecting your pocket by keeping budgets in mind!

Want to discuss further? Contact: info@goodtimecreative.com


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