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Escape Virtual Meetings & Host a Mobile Marketing Tour

Engage attendees with multiple interactive elements within one mobile marketing tour!

As the world continues to social distance in some degree, engaging consumers in an outdoor setting with a branded vehicle is one of the ways marketers are getting experiential events back in the spotlight! Mobile tours can provide shoppable merchandise, digital activations, sampling experiences or photo backdrops for small groups of attendees. All of which create an emotional connection for attendees, which ultimately encourages brand loyalty between consumers and brands.

Control the flow of traffic and spread crowds out by incorporating multiple layers of engagement into your pop up! Multiple touch points create a more memorable and immersive experience for the attendee. Seagram's added an extra photo moment for attendees to interact with a branded bike.

Vehicle interiors act as the perfect canvas for your custom photo area. Unique photo opportunities encourage attendees to take photos and post on social media, which only expands the reach of your brand!

There are so many benefits to a mobile marketing tour. You can visit multiple locations and interact with multiple target markets within a short amount of time. By hosting your own branded pop-up you are creating a dedicated space for your attendees to be immersed within, allowing your brand to not have to compete with other exhibits & brands for attention.

Whether you want to launch a small portable booth or a traveling branded vehicle, we can put your brand on the road and bring curated experiences to your customer's backyard!

Contact us to discuss your next tour! info@goodtimecreative.com

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