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"Don't Stand So Close to Me"

Safety Dividers create physical distance, maintain order, and protect people in retail stores, offices, churches, events, and any public gathering.

Good Time Creative can help you "social distance" your public spaces as you look to re-open to the public. We have dividers available for every space! We work with you to understand your current space layout, your state's recommendations and mandates, and your re-opening plan to layout a divider program creating a safer environment for your visitors, clients, and employees.

Office Spaces

Offices with cubicles in a post-COVID world present challenges to employers & employees. As employees return to their desks, they will expect additional personal safety. Table top and floor mounted dividers allow for easy installation without the need to modify your existing office furniture.

Most cubicles are only 4-5 ft. high and don’t offer enough personal protection. At a minimum, cubicle partitions should be at least 6 ft. high. Transform your cubicles into safer environments with adjustable height extenders. Our adjustable support brackets flex to fit and grip your existing cubicle dividers. Cubicle Height Extenders install in minutes and raise the overall height of cubicle partitions with acrylic or printed Sintra inserts, both of which can be branded with your company graphics. There are two adjustable sizes and three standard color options: white, black, and silver.

Reception & Retail Areas

Reception & retail areas receive the most foot traffic, and the employees working in these areas typically interact with the highest amount of visitors on a daily basis. Our tube aluminum and acrylic insert dividers allow for conversation and personal interaction while maintaining a safe distance between your employees and visitors. Frosted acrylic allows for added privacy. Have a curved reception counter? No problem! Our table top dividers can be produced in custom shapes to seamlessly fit your table tops.

Lunch & Café Areas

Food service areas require additional attention as we continue to social distance. Floor mounted dividers can be placed between tables so to divide parties from one another. Guests can feel confident enjoying a coffee or meal by having a physical divider between them and other guests. In permanent or semi-permanent situations, base plates are the logical choice. Where the dividers are meant to be temporary or quickly moved, then castors are the best option.

What makes our dividers so special?

Our Safety Dividers are constructed from engineered aluminum extrusion. Engineered aluminum is lightweight but significantly stronger and more durable than traditional thin-walled aluminum profiles. The satin anodized surface protects the aluminum from abrasions and it retains its shine under the most challenging environments.

We can design and build almost any divider per your space requirements. Contact us today to discuss dividers for your space! info@goodtimecreative.com

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