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Meet The GTC Team

You're about to meet the GTC team members! We think they are pretty cool, and we're excited for you to get to know them more.

Get ready to be blown away by our amazingly talented team...

Marissa Hohner

Founder & CEO

This is Marissa. She is the Founder & CEO of Good Time Creative. Marissa found her home when she entered the exhibit and event industry. She lives by her color coded calendar, finds complex excel files to be a thing of beauty, and always has a hot cup of coffee nearby. If she could hang out with anyone, dead or alive - she would go to a tiki bar with David Bowie.

Grace Pastore

Creative Director

This is Grace. Grace is Good Time Creative’s Creative Director and fearless design guru. She has over 20 years of design, production, and creative development experience. Her eye for detail is impeccable, she has a drive unmatched by others, and her ability to manage fifteen tasks at once without missing a beat is true magic.

Brittney DeMik

Graphic Designer

This is Britt. Britt is Good Time Creative’s Graphic Designer. She has over 10 years of graphic design experience and she is also a very talented photographer. Britt’s infectious energy is something that keeps the team (and the party) going! She enjoys true crime documentaries, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, and essential oils. The soundtrack to her life is: anything by Lizzo.

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