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Make an Impact with Packaging & Kits

Updated: Mar 4

Good Time Creative delivers impactful, branded experiences to consumers through custom packaging and influencer kits.

Whether it’s influencer marketing kits, or custom packaging for your product, our creative & curated solutions will get your brand noticed.

Influencer Marketing takes popular media figure endorsements into a modern-day content-driven marketing campaign. Celebrity endorsements used to be the main drivers in influencer marketing, but gone are the days that celebrities are seen as the only trusted influencers. Consumers gravitate to authentic and relatable figures, and celebrities often fall outside of this category. An influencer has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience.

We can go as custom, or as minimalist, as you prefer! Custom recesses allow you to present your product in your preferred vision. Turn the vessel carrying your products into a work of art, further engaging the consumer in an impactful way.

Break out of the traditional box and display your products in a creative way. Perfect for shoes, apparel and electronics.

Acrylic packaging showcases product in a luxe way. Perfect for an influencer kit or product launch expected to be debuted on social media or web platforms.

Bags & Merchandise

Prefer to deliver your product in a bag versus a box? No problem! No matter the form of delivery, we create a curated and beautiful vessel for your products creating an unforgettable experience. Promotional items add a little extra flair to your influencer kit, product launch, or sales kit packaging.

Packaging and kits are a great way to reach your audiences in a remote world as we continue to socially distance through due to Covid-19.

Good Time Creative is a turn-key partner for packaging and kit programs. We have partners nationwide that can design, develop, produce, pack, and ship within reasonable time frames. No project is too small, or too large. We work within a range of budgets and can design your project to be as minimal or as custom as your budget allows.

Contact info@goodtimecreative.com for more info & examples of work!

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