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Virtual Events, But Make Them Fun!

Our virtual platform takes the functionality of a live event and brings each to life in a virtual platform built custom to your event needs.

As event experts, we understand the impact of live, face-to-face engagements. When live events are not possible - we can bring an in-person experience to life, virtually.

  • Virtual events have gained popularity as the world continues to work remotely.

  • 93% of event marketers plan to invest in virtual events moving forward.

  • Event technology has made it possible to host unique online experiences that align with company goals and event strategies.

Good Time Creative’s platform engages your audience with fully customized, unique experiences & imaginative formats to deliver your content in fun & interactive ways.

The design of the environment is completely up to the host of the event! We can mix live photography and 3D rendering design. Fitbit wanted to create a Tahitian style beach house setting for their product launch event. With our platform, you are not bound by reality!

When hosting a virtual event, it is important to add in interactive elements to keep the user engaged. We engage attendees and add value for exhibiting brands through the below platform features.


Move through the environment with quick navigation and directional click points. Interactive floorplans allow for birds-eye views of the environment and easy access to different areas of the event.


Sponsorships bring in supportive funds for live event production. Sponsorship opportunities for virtual events are available through branded areas, sponsored networking halls, banners, and more.


Main stage and breakout education and training can be presented to attendees through live and pre-recorded video stream integration via Zoom and Vimeo integration. Videos are accessible on-demand post event in a library archive. Increase your virtual engagement with attendees by integrating chat functionality, moderated Q&A sessions, and live polling.

3D Exhibit Hall

Our software offers a premium solution for virtual exhibitors through creative 3d exhibit booth design, sponsorship opportunities and tiered booth designs, and interactive booth engagement through video/web link/marketing asset integration. Visitor analytics & on-demand reporting are available for immediate download driving lead generation and ROI for exhibiting brands. Easy content management accessible via exhibitors for on-demand updates. Attendees easily navigate through exhibit hall via quick click through navigation, directional guides and click points through the halls and booths, and quick search via overhead floor plans and exhibitor lists. Attendee engagement with exhibitors is encouraged and incentivized with gamification integration.


When hosting a virtual event, it is important to add in interactive elements to keep the user engaged. Fitbit engaged their attendees with a virtual yoga area and guided video practice. Other examples include: interactive 3D product displays, gaming areas, escape rooms, virtual DJ booths, swag stores, virtual speakeasy for post event happy hours, mixology classes, and more!

Reporting and analytics from virtual events drives exhibitor and brand ROI due to the high level of detail and tracking of user activity and interactions in all areas of the platform.

  • User location data

  • Time spent at locations

  • Content viewed

  • Date and time of each user event

  • User company and contact info

The future of physical events has evolved. Events continue to happen virtually, and we can expect to see future live-events include a hybrid-model helping organizations engage larger audiences. Virtual doesn’t have to feel distant. We bring people together with real, engaging experiences that create a sense of community in a very distant world.