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Which Vehicle is the Best Fit for My Mobile Marketing Tour?

Good Time Creative has access to over 100 vehicles that can be flipped to support your brand. Interior and exterior design and production transforms these vehicles into curated activations, leaving your attendees with an unforgettable experience!

You're probably thinking..."Over 100 vehicles, where do we even start? How do we decide which vehicle we should use to ensure our activation is as successful as possible?"

We've got you! We take the time to understand your goals and vision. We take that vision, and consult with our production team and partners to determine what vehicle is the best fit based off your activation goals. Maybe your experience and budget fits within a pop-up tent, table cloth, and banner stand portable kit. Take a step up and pair your portable kit with a branded cargo van to haul your components and samples from site to site.

Maybe your activation requires a custom-designed vehicle. No problem! We take a deep dive into your experiential concept and develop interior and exterior design elements that communicate your brand identity. No matter which direction you want go, we'll provide a vehicle that will create an unforgettable experience while also providing the function your tour requires.

From the design development and production to strategy and logistics, Good Time Creative is a turnkey partner for your brand's mobile marketing tours. We take care of all the planning and execution, leaving you to focus on what matters most - your current and potential clients!

Let's hit the road!

Email info@goodtimecreative.com to discuss your next activation today!

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